We are experienced in advising both employers and employees and in achieving the best results for them.

Our experience has included representing a large number of both employers and employees in personal grievance disputes, the vast majority of which are settled in the context of a mediator’s settlement. This can be undertaken in a mediated meeting convened by the Mediation Service of the Department of Labour. In our experience upwards of 95% of such disputes can be satisfactorily resolved in the context of a mediated meeting.

For those rare disputes that cannot be resolved by negotiation and mediation, then we may advise taking such cases to the Employment Relations Authority, where we can represent clients; we have also taken cases to the Employment Court on Appeal. 

We can also provide sensible and practical advice in the drafting of employment agreements for employers, and advising an appropriate resolution processes. Our focus is client orientated and focused on achieving practical and cost-effective solutions.